Tired and stressed out mom with a basket of laundry.

Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did

Dear Mama,

I want to share a personal experience with you, one that I believe many moms can relate to.

For the longest time, I tried to do everything by myself as a mom, putting immense pressure on myself. Unfortunately, this led me to feel irritable, frustrated and ultimately burnt out.

The mental load of motherhood is lonely and heavy. But you don’t have to carry it yourself.

Here are three suggestions I’ve used that help to lighten the load:

  1. Join a village of moms that you can relate to and talk to regularly. It really helps to know you’re not alone and to share mom-life hacks with each other. Check here to see if there’s a playgroup in your area and if not, consider starting one!
  2. Ask for help and when you get it, receive it without guilt. Remember, you don’t have to do it all.
  3. Daily mindset practice with guided meditations. The mind is like a muscle, the more we practice thinking positively, feeling gratitude, and seeing ourselves succeeding, the more we believe in ourselves.

If these suggestions resonate with you but you would love to have a chance to practice them in a safe place, keep an eye out for information about the group coaching program for moms starting in January!

I hope this helps. If nothing less, just to know you’re not alone. I’m happy to chat with you about anything, all you have to do is hit “reply” and I’m here for you.


Olivia Ren

Mom and Founder of The Playgroup Co.

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