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Volunteering to start a playgroup in your area can provide a sense of meaningful purpose as it allows you to create an enjoyable space for children and moms to connect and learn together. By organizing and facilitating these gatherings, you become a valuable leader for your motherhood community. Moreover, the playgroup becomes a hub for social interaction, enabling you and your child(ren) to make new friends and build a network of support. Make a positive impact in your community by starting a playgroup in your area!

Playgroup Leaders are volunteers and are asked to:

  • Plan, organize, and attend a minimum of two playgroups per month. You can do more if you like.
  • Post updates about playgroups on your area’s Instagram account and Facebook group
  • Spread the word by sharing about your playgroups with your community
  • Be welcoming, friendly, and open to all families; regardless of their background, circumstances, or parenting choices.
  • Optional additional support is offered to Playgroup Leaders in our private Facebook group and in a monthly Zoom meeting
  • Each playgroup can have up to two Playgroup Leaders (co-hosts)
A mom holding her child in her lap smiling down at hime, she is sat on the ground in a park wearing a white tank top and jeans and the boy is wearing a yellow top and a denim jacket. They are enjoying the inclusive playgroup community meet up.

Frequently Asked Questions

We require a minimum of two playgroups per month. They can be scheduled whenever it works for you and your community. If you can’t make it to a playgroup that you planned, you have the choice to cancel it or reschedule.

If once in a while you’re only available to have one playgroup or one month there are none, no worries! We know that life can be busy. We just ask that you get back to having two per month as soon as possible or consider having a co-host or someone else be Playgroup Leader.

Yes! If you would like to have a co-host, they would go through the same process to apply and prepare. You can share the responsibilities together. 

No! Your instagram account can be basic. As long as you’re posting when you’re having your playgroups and pictures from your playgroups, that’s all it takes! If you ever have any questions, please fill out a support ticket and we will help you the best we can.

No! We will provide you with pre-made templates. All you’ll have to do is enter the date, time and location of your playgroup and it’ll be ready for you to share. 

We ask that you think of someone in your community who would like to take over as the Playgroup Leader and ask them directly. If they would like to, they can fill out the application on our website. If you can’t think of anyone, we ask that you make a post on your Instagram account and Facebook group with a link to the application. Then, please fill out this form to submit your resignation. 

Yes! If local businesses have discount codes or promotions that you think will benefit your community, please share it. We just ask that they return the favor and promote your local playgroups with The Playgroup Community.


You’ll get a free Member Plus account, which includes access to the Confident Mom Membership. You will also be able to log your volunteer hours, develop leadership skills and get a recommendation from us.

Become An Ambassador

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