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The Story of a Mother Who Turned Isolation Into Community

I remember waking up in the morning exhausted after a night of broken sleep and wondering if and when I’d be able to take a nap between diaper changes, breastfeeding, trying to keep the house clean, and taking care of myself.

I counted down the minutes until my partner got home from work to have some help but I still felt lost once I actually had a break.

What do I do first? Do I take a shower, clean up the kitchen, go for a walk, or have some much-needed adult conversation?

This is how I spent most of my days postpartum. I didn’t get out of the house much and my mental health was slipping.

That all changed when a friend invited me to a mom group!

A group of moms sitting next to each other smiling with their children in their laps talking enjoying meeting up in the playgroup community

Suddenly a cloud lifted and life began to shine a little brighter as I spent time with moms who were experiencing the same challenges I was. Talking was healing. We also shared local motherhood resources, recipes, and links to baby items we swore by.

My then six-month-old son played and made friends too. I began to feel excited and more like myself again. Why hadn’t I known about this earlier?!

Eventually, with my second son in tow, I started organizing more playgroups in my area. It warmed my heart to see a village of moms and their little ones coming together to support each other and share their journeys.

I knew that I wanted to make this accessible beyond my home town and it became my mission to create an organization that can serve moms worldwide and The Playgroup Community was born!

The Playgroup Community is a supportive and inclusive space where mothers and their children can come together to play and share motherhood.

Our mission is to foster a community where every mother feels seen and heard, regardless of their background, circumstances, or parenting choices.

A group of moms sitting next to each other with their children in their laps talking about how much they love this playgroup

We believe that by coming together with our playgroups, online community, and other resources, we can create a powerful network of support that empowers mothers and children to thrive.

To join a playgroup in your area or start one, go to

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